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The above chart conveys to the reader the main message of the Bible. Readers will understand God’s salvation program for man. Apostle Paul called it the mystery which from the beginning of the world has been hidden in God (Eph.3:9)

The Apostle Paul called his teaching “the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hidden in God” (Eph. 3:9). Therefore, I have called this series of explanation as The Divine Mystery from Everlasting to Everlasting. This is the conclusion of all the verses in the Bible coupled with reason. God created our minds, and He also gave us the Bible as His Word. The religion (faith) which makes the most sense is the true way, and the most biblical expression of Christianity must make the best sense. Investigate this, and if you run into trouble, please contact GITS. The explanation has been given in order of numbers to make it systematic and neat and easy to understang. This is the essence of the Bible, which in turn is the essence of Christianity. First is a time line or an age-line. We see the passage of time and symbolize it by drawing a straight horizontal line.

1. Creation. God created the universe. God created two types of beings as persons, given thinking minds, conscience, and free will. These two are angels and mankind. God does not wish to be worshipped by robots, but by persons who can freely choose. They can choose to obey Him or disobey Him. If from their free heart they choose to obey God, that satisfies the Creator. God put the angels in Heaven and man on earth. Then, God placed the tree of life, whose fruit can be eaten, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, whose fruit was forbidden, as the symbols of the two alternatives before them. If they were to take a positive attitude towards God, they can express it by eating from the tree of life. But, if they were to take a negative attitude towards God, they will express it by eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

The free will that God bestowed upon man and angels is a decree of God, and unchangable because God cannot deny Himself (2 Tim. 2:13). Creating persons, instead of robots, certainly carries risks. However, despite the risks, we surely are happier as persons instead of robots.

2. In the heart of certain angels, an evil intention occurs against God, and they wanted to dethrone God. Of course they will be destroyed, and before they are destroyed, to differentiate them from the good angels, they are given new designations, demons, with Satan (meaning adverary) as their head. They know that there is another being who can be seduced to side with them. Eve was deceived into believing Satan’s words instead of God’s words. She ate from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This was an expression of an evil heart. This was the moment of man’s fall into sin. They believed the devil, which means liar, rather than God.

3. Sinful man cannot enter heaven, because heaven is a most holy place. Sinful man cannot approach God because God is most holy. Because mankind believe the devil’s word, they will be punished with the devil. The punishment is death, precisely as God had said that if they eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they will die and go to the place prepared for the devil.

4. If man wants to go to heaven, then man’s sin problem must be solved. The devil continues to deceive man by teaching various ways of solving sin through man’s effort (alms and rituals, etc.).

5. Sin cannot be solved by doing good deeds, religious rituals, or man’s work. If man can take care of sin by himself, that would mean that man enters heaven by his own merit. Almost all religion teach that the solution to sin is by man’s efforts.

6. The Bible teaches that sin can only be atoned by punishment.
Rom. 6:23 says “the wages of sin is death.” This is the essence of difference between Christianity and all other religions on earth. Almost all other religions teach that sin is solved by human work or action. But the Bible teaches that sin is solved through punishment.

7. Because sin can only be solved by punishment, then the way of salvation from God, which does not contradict His justice and His holiness, is through the punishment of sin. Therefore, God immediately promised to send a Saviour, to be born of a woman, who will crush the serpent’s head (symbolic language to denote defeat of the devil). The stage is set for the Saviour to come to bear the punishment in the place of mankind who has fallen into sin. The Saviour will bear the penalty of man’s (Adam’s) sin.

8. Adam has to repent, turn from his attitude of believing the devil.
And in order to be saved, Adam has to believe in God’s promise. If Adam wanted his sins to counted as already punished in the Saviour, who was STILL TO COME, he had to believe in that COMING SAVIOUR. As a sign (symbol) that Adam believed, he then had to build an altar, and slay an animal to symbolize the Saviour, upon that altar. Adam was also to teach this truth to his children. Abel did exactly as his father (Adam) taught him, but Cain rebelled by not using an animal (a lamb), but instead he used crops and vegetables. Of course vegetables cannot symbolize the Saviour. For the atonement of their sin, Adam and all mankind who lived before the crucifixion of Christ, must repent and believe in the Saviour, who was coming to take their place of punishment.

9. In that age, fathers functioned as priests, and also as the Pillar and Ground of the Truth (PGotT) for his family. Fathers must teach this substitutionary truth to his posterity. People today who teach the building of family altars are mistaken. The age of family altars was from Adam to Aaron.

10. As time goes by, more and more fathers became evil, no longer reminding their children about God’s promise, to the point that in Noah’s days, all men were evil. Because the amount of righteous men were no longer significant to reach the world of evil men, God destroyed mankind. Noah still remembered God’s promise. When he came out of the ark, the first thing he did was to build an altar and sacrificed an animal (lamb). God was pleased and He blessed the earth because man had remembered His promise.

11. But when it came to Nimrod’s time, the grandson of Ham, man was evil once again because they have forgotten God’s promise. Nimrod led the building of the tower of Babel, to reach God. God confused their language so that the tower was not completed, and they were scattered according to their respective language groups. Finally, there were no more fathers faithful to God, functioning as a priest and as the pillar and ground of the truth (PGotT) for his family.

12. Then God decided to build a nation that will function to guard the symbolic worship which will remind mankind of God’s promise. Abraham was chosen, and through him the Jewish nation. And they were prepared for the task by serving as slaves for about 400 years in Egypt.

13. When the time came, the Jewish nation were delivered. Pharoah was not willing to let them go. After nine plagues, Pharoah still hardened his heart in refusing them. Finally the tenth plague was prepared. God will kill all the firstborn in Egypt. Those who do not wish to lose their firstborn must kill a lamb, and the blood must be smeared on their door posts, the right and left posts, and also the upper door post, forming a cross. Clearly this refers to the Lamb of God in preparation, Jesus. This occurred abound year 1500 BC. Through the sacrifice of the Lamb, they went out of Egypt.

14. At long last, the Jews arrived on Mount Sinai. There they were formally adopted as a unique nation, and given the task of guarding the symbolic worship, which is to remind mankind of God’s promise. The Torah Law was given as their constitution, and the Tabernacle of symbolic worship was erected. Israel was the Pillar and Ground of the Truth.

15. The symbolic worship was made more complete and orderly, by the construction of the tabernacle. Israel is responsible for broadcasting to other nations about God’s promise to send a Saviour for man.

16. The priesthood of fathers were stopped, replaced by the priesthood of Aaron. The function of fathers as the PGotT was given to Israel. The age of family altars ended. Since that time, fathers no longer bless their children. This event occurred around year 1500 BC.

17. On their way to Canaan, they were many times disobedient, and the Lord sent serpents to bite them and many died. Moses prayed and God told Moses to make a brass serpent, and to lift it up upon a stake. Whosoever did not want to die of the snake bite, he must look upon the snake lifted up. Jesus Christ explained to Nicodemus, in John 3:14, “as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up.” Today, a serpent upon a stick becomes the symbol of health, used in apothecaries, and even WHO.

18. The Israelites arrived in Canaan, and they must keep the symbolic worship and must invite all nations to believe on God Jehovah while waiting for the promised Saviour. The time of Solomon became the time of their best testimony. The Temple of God was built, and that was the first time direction for prayer was proscribed. Jews should pray towards the Temple in Jerusalem. The function of this direction for prayer is that all nations must look towards Jerusalem because from thence the promised Saviour will come.

19. The John the Baptist came and pointed to the Saviour (John 1:29). He introduced the Saviour, long promised by God since Adam and Eve. The Lamb of God which takes the sins of the world by offering himself as the bearer of punishment. The essence of all Old Testament symbolic worship has come.

20. The crucifixion of Christ was punishment for the sin of the whole world, previously symbolized by the slaying of lambs (7) & (8) (1 Pet. 1:18-19, I Joh.2:2, Heb.2:9). The sin caused by Adam is finished (Rom. 5:18-19). Babies and those born with mental deficiencies will go to heaven if they die in their state. Every man (from Adam to the last human) who reaches the age of accountability must repent and believe on the Saviour (the Christ), so that all his/her sins be reckoned by God as punished already upon the person of the Saviour.

21 & 22. Old Testament people (Adam for instance) would be saved by repenting and putting faith upon the Saviour who WAS COMING. Meanwhile, people in the New Testament (you for instance), will be saved by repenting and putting faith upon the Saviour who HAS COME. Repenting means admitting that one is a sinner and regret those sins. Acknowledge that You yourself should have been punished, but the Saviour HAS been punished in your stead. Jesus took over your sinful position and was punished, and He gives you His holy position. So, you only need to repent and agree that the Saviour has been punished replacing you, and you now live in His place (live for Him). Only those who agree that Jesus died for him, and that he lives for Jesus, will surely go to heaven. Those who do not believe will stay in their sin and will go to the place prepared for the devil, which is hell.

23. Every man must repent and agree with God that Jesus has been punished to bear all his sins, and agree to live for Jesus. This is a spiritual transaction. From Adam until the last man, no one can enter heaven without Jesus (Joh. 14:6).

24. The believer gains the position of Jesus, which is holy, and consequently is then called holy men, or saints. The Holy Spirit also indwells him, and his heart becomes holy. But he does not yet have holy characters. The holy position and holy heart will get him to heaven, but his holy position is important for witnessing on earth.

25. Christians can still fall into sin. But because Jesus has replaced him, as long as he does not recant on his belief and denied Jesus, he is still a saint before God the Father. He will face the Judgment Seat of Christ (the Bema of Christ) to give an account of everything he did.

26. The priesthood of Aaron was stopped and now every believer is a priest, moreover a royal priesthood (1 Pet. 2:9). No one must elevate himself to be priests over other Christians, this is not biblical christianity. No one can raise his hand to bless the people nor should anyone come to any “priest” to be blessed. This includes the so-called blessing at the end of church service, because these are priestly practices. Pastors do not bless marriages, we confirm marriages. The local church functions as the Pillar and Ground of the Truth, replacing Israel. The family altar period is over.

27. The Law of Moses was fulfilled, not annulled (Luk. 16:16; Mat. 11:13) and the whole symbolic worship package, like the name of Jehovah, the Sabbath day, unclean food, leprosy as symbol of the curse, the rituals of worship in the Temple, all these have finished their functions. That is why the New Testament no longer uses the name Jehovah, and there is no longer any special day to worship or honor God (Sabbath). Also, there is no more unclean food (Mar. 7:19).

28. Forthwith, man is instructed to worship is essence, in spirit, and in truth (Heb. 10:1; John 4:23). Christians do not need building permit to worship because Christians worship God all the time, and in all places, in their heart, not with their bodies. Sunday mornings are actually the activity of coming together as a church, not a “worship.” To call what we do each Sunday as “worship” shows influence form other religions, and stems from a lack of understanding about true Christian worship, which is in spirit and in truth. There is no obligatory body posture, obligatory time, or place. There is no need for a special place for worship.

We have entered the age of true worship until the day of rapture (29), a promise from God to catch believers up to be with Him, part of the promises in the NT.***

Thus is the short explanation the Divine Mystery from Everlasting to Everlasting, based upon Bible verses. Have you ackowledge yourself as a sinner? Have you acknowledged that Jesus replaced you and was punished, and that you are living for him? Has not the historical proof, since Noah, Abraham, and the event of the uplifted brass serpent convinced you?

If you are not yet assembling in a local church, you should do so.
Because you must remain faithful until death, or until Jesus comes to pick us up. You must find a church with true doctrinal teachings. If you assemble in a church teaching heresy, the biblical truth in these pages will slowly be erased. If you want to know the address of a good church in your location, contact us from our contact information on the first page, or through the internet. May the Lord bless you.***

To spread the Good News, if you need these pages, please contact us. You are also entitled to reproduce this material, as long as you make no changes, additions, or subtractions to the content therein.

Source: Peta Jalan ke Kota Kekal (Road Map to Eternal City) by Dr Suhento Liauw, Th.D

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